The River’s Unique Treatment Solution

Addictive illness, and its associated behavioural health conditions, have the ability to completely overwhelm the individual. Despite being diagnosable and treatable, these conditions frequently erode an individual’s ability to live a normal life, furthermore disrupting the lives of family members and friends.

The first step towards overcoming any problem is admitting that you have one. The second step is to seek the right kind of help, particularly from people with knowledge and experience in treating addiction.

At The River, we have combined the most modern treatment methods into a program that is effective and flexible. Our global team of recovery specialists have incorporated and adapted program elements that have been used over the past 80 years in addiction treatment.

Furthermore, we have learned that people seeking treatment suffer stresses that persist across societies, cultures and social classes, which can be described as ‘modern stresses’. Many of us are highly productive and creative people who are overwhelmed, and who then compensate through mood altering behaviours. Though this may provide temporary relief, it comes at the cost of wellbeing and the deterioration of mental health.

The River has designed original elements of treatment for addressing this balance in our clients. Our programs not only directly address the problems of addiction, but lead into the exploration of creative potential with the goal of developing the ability to substitute addiction with life-changing behaviours. Within these creative contexts, we believe, lie the seeds of growth and fulfillment, providing the foundations of health and stability upon which to build new lives.

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Ultimately, we are speaking to the trilogy of mind, body and spirit in a new and unique way, combining evidence-based therapies (mind) with holistic wellness (mind-body techniques) and our creative recovery methods (spirit). The River is an empowering experience that breathes new life into addiction recovery.


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