This section provides answer to the most common questions around addiction. For further questions, please use the contact us form.

Common Questions

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Glossary of Terms

Some of these terms may not be familiar to you:

Assessment: This is the process we undertake prior to your admission in order to ascertain your specific requirements. We also aim to insure that our programme is a strong match to your specific challenges.

Detoxification: This is the process of weaning your body off the substances it is physically addicted to, and it applies particularly to alcohol or heroin (or other opiates). Cocaine and Ice (crystal meth) do not require high levels of medication to withdraw from; opiate detoxification will be managed closely to reduce the level of physical discomfort during withdrawal, and the same applies to alcohol detoxification.

Rehab: This term generally describes a residential experience, e.g. living permanently at a facility for an extended period of time. Being at Rehab involves a broad range of individual and group therapies, as well as physical and mindfulness training (programmes offered at different facilities vary considerably). The objective of Rehab is to work with clients to achieve emotional and physical changes, such that they are able to live lives of sobriety. At The River, we focus heavily on unleashing creativity (what we call creative recovery) giving clients the tools to invent a new life.

Therapy: Therapy can take many forms. In addiction treatment, therapy refers to the treatment of underlying physiological, psychological and behavioural conditions. Current research has revealed that addiction, more often than not, is caused by more than one underlying factor. Addiction therapy aims to diagnose these underlying causes, so that therapy can treat the person as a whole, rather than treating specific symptoms in isolation.

Aftercare: This term refers to a client’s extended treatment (after completion of the residential programme). Aftercare is a critical part of a client’s recovery, as it aims to ‘reintegrate’ the person into everyday life while ensuring that the foundations of recovery are maintained and developed.

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