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Once you have decided to get help for your addiction, the journey to recovery can truly begin. Where you decide to seek treatment is just as important as why and research shows that if you completely remove yourself from the environment that you are familiar with, you are more likely to be successful because you won’t have to deal with proverbial stress and triggers. 

The River Rehab in Chiang Mai; in Northern Thailand, is an ideal place to let the healing treatment process begin. Chiang Mai has built a solid reputation as a medical tourism hub in Asia with easy access to an international airport. Boasting a serene location and year-round warm weather, it is an idyllic blend of both urban and rural attractions and accommodations. It’s a quaint village with a cosmopolitan vibe, that attracts holistic practitioners, addiction treatment specialists, healers, spiritualists, wellness professionals and individuals who seek to live a well-balanced and stress-free life away from the dense and hectic city.    

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What Chiang Mai Offers

  • Holistic and wellness treatment therapies
  • An exotic location in South East Asia
  • A nurturing natural environment that stimulates recovery
  • Asian hospitality & English speaking staff
  • Non-judgmental and supportive attitudes towards treatment  
  • Culturally rich excursions that support the core objective of recovery 
  • Experienced team of top-quality western trained counselors and treatment professionals 
  • A private, safe and secure rehab center with onsite detox and world-class facilities
  • Privacy, security, and personalized treatment options 
  • Competitive prices that are significantly less when compared to similar therapeutic programs in the USA, Australia, or the UK. 

What can you expect?

The River Rehab is an immersive experience far removed from the stressors of everyday life. You can join us at our exclusive rehab center alongside the gently flowing Ping River which is regarded as the source of Chiang Mai’s vibrant culture and economic viability. We have attracted the most experienced professionals from around the world to help you transform your life at our privately owned premium facility in Chiang Mai. 

We are centrally located on the edge of town, near the airport and world-class international hospitals and clinics to give you access to all the ancillary services required to aid you in your treatment and long term recovery.

You will discover a picturesque landscape of rolling hills in a lush tropical valley dotted with rice patty fields and ancient temples.

The community is rich with its legendary heritage adapted from the 700+-year-old “Lanna” Kingdom civilization and it is the ideal backdrop to embark on a healing adventure of self-discovery and recovery from addiction.

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In comparison to other treatment centres I’ve been in I found The River Rehab to be very different. Theres no rush or pressure and they worked with me to identify my problems and supported me to find what works for me…

Jack . D

Why River Rehab Is The Right Choice?

We are an experienced and qualified team compassionate professionals who will take care of your needs from the moment you contact us.

Our well appointed facility is located on the secluded and private grounds nestled along the banks of Chiang Mai’s River Ping.

Our caring team, from housekeepers to clinical staff, are understanding and supportive of your needs. Many years of work within the field of addiction treatment allow our staff to deliver a World Class structured treatment plan in a beautiful and calm environment. 

Tick Icon  Qualified And Experienced Staff Who Really Care About Your Well-being.

Tick Icon  Fantastic Location And Facilities.

Tick Icon  Exceptional Food With A Focus On Healthy Eating.

Tick Icon  Easy To Access Aftercare Support.

Tick Icon  Full Support With Travel To Our Facility And Your Return Home.

Tick Icon  Family Counseling And Support For Loved Ones.

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