At The River, we take a person-centered approach to treatment as evidenced by our high staff-to-client ratio. Our facility is capped at 16 single-occupancy bedrooms enabling us to focus on the individual and create a nurturing a supportive environment that is conducive to the wellness and recovery process.  Our 4-12 week programs focus on the individual. Although sessions and activities are frequently conducted in groups, your unique background will dictate your specific treatment program objectives and measures.  


The River’s Addiction Treatment Methodology


Our inpatient addiction treatment program is a medically and scientifically based on a holistic approach that is globally recognized and certified. The core program will incude: 

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) takes place in either a group or individual setting that is tailored to your specific addiction treatment needs.
  • The 12 Steps methodology is used and applied through the use of ‘secular’, or non-religious language to better suit our diverse clientele.
  • Mindfulness meditation is used as an evidence-based way of addiction as well as used as a coping skill for treating anxiety and depression which co-occur with addiction.
  • In addition to the core addiction treatment program we offer physical therapy, health and nutrition, and detoxification, replace prevention, aftercare, and creative recovery solutions for optimizing your life and maintaining long term recovery.

developing the ability to substitute addiction with life-changing behaviours. Within these creative contexts, we believe, lie the seeds of growth and fulfillment, providing the foundations of health and stability upon which to build new lives.