Holistic Wellness

The physical body is a storage device filled with intricate networks of memories, habits, and triggers. We often think about our personal choices as being mental or emotional in nature, but present-day psychological research increasingly looks to the body for answers.

Scientific interest in the mind-body connection began with research into psychosomatic disorders (physical illness aggravated by mental factors) in the first decades of the 20th century. In the past 3 decades, the mind-body connection has moved to the forefront of popular health & wellness, as evidenced in the growth of the eastern-hemisphere disciplines of yoga, meditation and martial arts.

In treating addiction, physical fitness training is of primary importance for 2 reasons. Firstly, most addicts lack the minimum physical health required to live a satisfying life; secondly, physical discipline and stamina provide solid foundations for recovery, especially long-term recovery.

Mind-body (holistic) practices (also called ‘arts’) assist the individual in being with and processing emotion. Even the novice practitioner will quickly learn that a calm mind and balanced body are a mirror unto one’s inner world; we start to observe negative emotions and cravings in action, and rather than reacting to them we simply allow them to play themselves out.

Holistic Wellness at The River

At The River, we pursue an advanced mind-body regime with the intention of developing strong foundations for permanent recovery. Developing your mind-body connection is a daily activity that includes the teaching and development of techniques, and the expansion of mind-body foundations.

While developing The River’s holistic wellness program, we have deliberately distilled our offering to fundamental principles and teachings. Though we originally did consider a wider offering, we realised that this would only dilute what we are truly able to provide.

We work only with the most trusted teachers and practitioners, people with extensive experience and strong references in their area of teaching. Furthermore our teachers and practitioners are fully-integrated into the delivery of the programme, including regular dialogue and debriefing with therapists and counsellors.

At The River, we teach and train the following physical fitness and mind-body practices:
  • Hatha Yoga
  • Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques)
  • Vipassana meditation
  • Chi Gung (a form of Chinese martial arts)
  • General physical fitness training

All of our physical fitness and mind-body training aim to provide you with the basic foundations. In the 4-week programme, you will graduate with introductory training in two of these arts. In the Signature 12-week programme you will graduate having had the chance to try and experience all of these arts, while at the same time developing yourself to be an intermediate-level practitioner in at least one of these arts.

Spa & Massage Services

Included in both our 4-week and 12-week programmes are access to Thai and Aromatherapy massage. Though these are not considered part of your practice or training, they serve to provide physical and emotional relaxation, which greatly benefit your ability to get value from The River’s overall programme.

Learning to give oneself emotional and physical rest is part of the recovery process, and ample time will be provided for you to be able to do this.

If you or a family member want to learn more about holistic wellness at The River, our Admissions team are available to speak to you now


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