The River Rehab is proud to be a registered medical clinic, permitting it to legally treat all detoxifications on site and under the safe and comfortable guidance of our own medical team.

Having this registration (extremely rare in Thailand) means that instead of sending our difficult or complex detox patients to an external public hospital, it means we can treat them on site and keep them comfortable and even engaged with the rest of the clients, whilst they go through the most difficult and often personal stage of their recovery.

The first part of any treatment for addiction has to begin with the detoxification process from the substance or substances that you’re dependent upon. This withdrawal process is known as detoxification or detox for short.

We understand just how private withdrawal and the pains of detoxification can be – we know because most of our staff are recovered alcoholics and addicts too, and therefore we will absolutely take great care of you during this tricky time, by creating the space you want to withdraw, providing you with a TV loaded with Netflix, and super-fast wifi so you can stream whatever you want on your laptop. Furthermore, we aim to medicate you sufficiently to make sure you’re comfortable and not in any pain. We will do whatever we can to keep you in good spirits and to help you avoid the brutal realities of cold turkey.

Please note, Detox is the most dangerous part of treatment, which is why it was so important to us to be legally able to manage it on site and not externally. Alcohol detoxes are particularly dangerous, and although a heroin or opiate detox will never kill you, the withdrawal experience is hugely uncomfortable.

Our detoxes are gentle, effective and fully medically managed.

We know we’re setting new standards and levels of care by having our own detox licence. It really does help differentiate us and our clients are particularly pleased by this feature.

If you or a family member need help with an addiction call us now;
we are confident our evidence based treatment programme can help you, as it has been proven with many others.


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