Creative Recovery

Whereas evidence-based practices and holistic wellness lead the way into the recovery process, Creative Recovery leads the way out into the world. Creative Recovery, simply explained, is the practice of reinventing yourself.

The greatest challenge of sustained recovery is the presence of a certain ‘void’, which is the absence of the addictive habit. In resolving your addiction you will be confronted with many questions about yourself and your life, and especially about your future. All of these questions will in some way be related to the biggest question of all: “What next?”

If an addict’s greatest purpose in life was to feed his addiction, then the absence of that addiction can also occur to some as an absence of purpose. The River’s Creative Recovery programme aims to raise the question of purpose and to offer an inspiring framework for exploration. It explores purpose in its potential to transform our lives, but also in the guise of its daily habits. What is purpose, really?

At The River we walk side-by-side with you into the unknown and pave the way to new horizons.

Ways to live are as varied and populous as the people on this earth. The River gives rise to foundations for healthy living. No matter who you think you are today, no matter how you presently see the future, creative recovery is the new road that leads to the possibility of a better life.

Put another way, Creative Recovery is an adventure, the adventure of discovering one’s purpose in life. The most important point of any adventure, especially the kind of adventure that recovery makes possible, is that you can not know for sure what the outcome is going to be.

About Creative Recovery

Though we deal with the concepts of Creative Recovery in an introductory manner during the 4-week program, we are only able to effectively deliver the programme to clients enrolled in the 12-week Signature programme.

In achieving recovery, the first steps are always accomplished through evidence-based therapies and mind-body practices. Without these basic foundations, the question of purpose can not be an authentic one.

We must always start from the beginning: acknowledging that we have a problem and acknowledging its impact on ourselves and others. Without first confronting where we are in life, including taking responsibility for our actions, we can not, in earnesty, start to invent a new future.

If you or a family member want to learn more about the relationship between creative recovery and long-term sobriety, our Admissions team are available to speak to you now


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