Treatment Program

The River’s treatment programme aims to achieve the greatest advances that are possible in the time that is available. In order to achieve this, we operate a Mind, Body & Spirit programme that speaks to a broad range of human needs. Mindfulness training in the form of yoga and meditation, for example, grounds you and gives you control over your emotions. Physical fitness training creates stamina and strengthens your willpower, so that you can follow through on your goals.

Developing the mind and the body are the primary and most necessary foundations for succeeding in the initial stages of recovery. The spiritual (or creative) aspects of the programme are important to long-term recovery.

Group sessions are a central part of the programme, acting as a mirror through which one self-motivates. While watching the transformation of a group peer, for example, I see similarities in myself and choose those same principles and actions for myself.

One-on-one sessions address one’s personal issues within a private and completely trusted relationship with a therapist or counsellor, providing the opportunity to explore personal issues more deeply.

While providing the most comprehensive of treatment programmes, we also insure that our services and facilities provide the very best of what a riverside location in Chiangmai can offer: serenity, peace-of-mind, comfort and natural beauty.

We aim to return you back home to your families with a renewed sense of purpose, and with the vitality and happiness that are your true birthright.

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