At The River, we are committed to helping you achieve your goals and live a life free from addiction. In order to achieve this, we incorporate a holistic approach that factors in a broad range of human needs.

In addition to our core treatments rooted in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the 12 Steps, we offer several programs that go beyond sobriety and focus on acquiring the skills needed to attain long term recovery. Developing the mind and the body are the primary and most necessary foundations for succeeding in the initial stages of recovery. The spiritual or creative aspects of the program are important to long-term recovery.  

Beyond Psychology Treatment: These includes Health & Wellness as an independent component in sync with the Core Psychology Treatment. This includes “re-building an integrated you” through the mind, your nutrition, and your fitness while learning new life skills to aid in long- term recovery. 

Mindfulness Training: This is often in the form of yoga and meditation to help give you control over your emotions. 

Physical Fitness Training: This creates stamina and strengthens your willpower so that you can follow through on your goals.