Food and Nutrition

Great food feeds the soul and nurtures the body. In parallel with its treatment programmes, The River has developed a meal programme that is unparalleled among residential rehab providers, and we dare to make this statement for the following reasons:

  • Our meals are a la carte, which means that you choose what you want to eat.
  • Our head chef works closely with our head fitness coach, so your meal options will compliment your physical fitness programme.
  • All of our meals are made from fresh local ingredients (much of which is certified organic produce) and are lovingly prepared for you.

Said another way, each plate of food that you eat has your name on it!

Overdoing It

Serving individually-cooked meals at a residential rehab seems like a totally absurd thing to do. Why go to this extent? This is a question we asked ourselves.

We originally considered offering our residents a wide range of dishes presented in the form of a buffet; hearty buffets for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The problem with buffets is that a lot of food is wasted. The other problem is that buffets give people indigestion, caused by eating too much of too many different foods.

The River's main point of difference is that you get to sit and enjoy your meal while everything is cooked and served by a passionate team of foodies. It's that soulful energy of eating together, rather than a noisy room full of diners shuffling to the buffet between servings.

Everything you eat will be lean, nutritious and tasty, and you will be totally surprised by how good healthy food tastes.

Cooking Together

On occasion, our head chef will prepare ingredients for residents to cook in groups. You will learn some things about cooking, though the purpose is not to provide cooking lessons (ethnic Thai cooking lessons are an option on excursion days).

Cooking together is therapeutic and relaxing. It also expands sit-down dining into an evening of slow cooking, music and conversation. You will prepare and eat one course at a time, while our team of chefs provide help and guidance where it is needed.

If you or a family member have any further questions about our facilities, please contact the Admissions team now

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