Common Area

The River’s common areas all derive their space from the shady canopy of grand old rain trees. The property was previously the private residence of a natural law scientist. While it’s purpose has been somewhat transformed, it retains the homely energy of an estate residence.

While the typical resort-style facility coerces space through stylised design, The River simply lets nature in, allowing natural laws to do their subtle work.

Whether you are in counselling sessions, at meals or taking in an evening movie with your fellow guests, The River will be your home, giving you the sustenance you need to make your way.

If you or a family member have any further questions about our facilities, please contact the Admissions team now

Our Space

See The River’s space along the banks of the tranquil and timeless Mae Ping
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Keeps your feet on the ground, in one of our fantastic rooms with clean and crisp linens.
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Food & Nutrition

Great food feeds the soul and nurtures the body
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