Sugar Addiction: The Soda Component

Sugar Addiction: The Soda Component

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Sugar Addiction: The Soda Component

Even though we know it is unhealthy, a cold fizzy soda on a warm day or just a day you are feeling sluggish is always a welcome treat. Soda is everywhere, restaurants, every store, vending machines, and in most homes. You can even buy soda machines to create your own whenever you want. The bad news is that soda has no health value. Even diet drinks with no calories are not healthy and can cause body issues including weight gain and sugar addiction. Just as cigarette companies ply you with fancy ads and bright colors, the soda industry does the same.

Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is a real thing, just like food addiction. It creates a vicious cycle in the body in which you crave sugar so you eat it and then you crave more. If you do manage to remove sugar from your diet for a few weeks, your taste buds basically reset and the cravings will no longer be an issue, but it can be difficult to accomplish such a task without help. While some soda is safe to drink in limited amounts, a single can of full sugar soda provides the total amount of sugar that an adult can process during a day.

Sugar addiction can lead to serious health issues that include diabetes and heart disease among others. Which means it is important for people to know about and understand the concerns of sugar addiction.

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Why is Soda so Bad?

Humans are meant to consume some sugars through fruits and vegetables, but soda contains a different form of sugars that are broken down differently in the body. In high doses the sugar added to soda type drinks are turned to fat and limits insulin production in the body. This can lead to obesity and diabetes as well as a sugar addiction.

Sugar Triggers Dopamine

Consuming large quantities of processed sugars trigger the release of dopamine in the brain, just like alcohol and many other drugs. The dopamine serves as a reward for humans signaling that this is a good way for them to stay alive. However, this is a false release that starts an addiction, not a necessary one. Drinking a single can of regular soda every day or every other day rewires the brain in a way that it no longer produces enough dopamine on its own. This means when you eat natural sugars that they no longer have the same effect. This leads to needing more of the soda or processed sugar to regain the feeling, just as an alcoholic needs another drink.

Treatment for Sugar Addiction

Sugar addiction is serious. Unfortunately, food is a necessary part of life so avoiding all sugar is nearly impossible so this type of addiction often remains unnoticed until serious health problems are present. If you or a loved one is showing signs of food or sugar addiction then seek help immediately. Addition is chronic and will get worse over time. The River Rehab can help with sugar and soda addiction as well as any other addiction. The River Rehab offer an in-patient facility that includes physical wellness as well as a nutritionist that will help you overcome your sugar addiction for good. You deserve to be the best person you can be without worrying about addiction, The River Rehab will help.