Alcohol and Meth: A Deadly Combination

Alcohol and Meth: A Deadly Combination

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What is Meth

Before discussing Alcohol and Meth as a deadly combination, first we need to understand what is Meth. Meth, also known as crystal meth, is the common name for crystal methamphetamine. It is a highly addictive, strong drug that affects the central nervous system. There is no legal use for meth which means its use can only be due to addiction. Meth comes in clear crystal chunks or shiny bluish white rocks. Therefore has netted it with the names of ice or glass. It is a known party drug. Typically, users smoke crystal meth in small glass pipe. However it is also possible to swallow, snort, or inject it into a vein. Users claim a quick, euphoric rush shortly after using meth. But it is very dangerous. It can cause problems with everything from your physical body to severe psychological issues.

Methamphetamine is man made stimulant that has been around for many years. During WWII it was given to soldiers so they could stay awake for long periods of time. But people have also used it to lose weight and ease depression. There is a legal, prescription only form of meth is not as strong as that used for addicts and it is used to treat obesity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Even with this type usage the medication is highly addictive and can have side effects.

Crystal meth is created using pseudoephedrine which is often found in cold medications. While pseudoephedrine eases congestion it also has some side effects. Since it is a known ingredient in meth, it is closely regulated in the United States. However, the majority of meth comes from Mexican labs. So ingredients may be easier to attain. That being said, there are also labs in the US, some in people’s homes.

Meth Addiction and Side Effects

Meth is powerful enough that people can get hooked from the first use. When taken in any form, dopamine floods the brain, he part that regulates pleasure, leaving users feeling energetic and confident while it is in their system. As people continue to use, they build up a tolerance and need more to achieve the same feeling. The increased dose or frequency means the risks are also higher.

Meth has some odd effects on the body, raising body temperature so much that the person could pass out or die. Users may be anxious and confused, have mood swings, struggle to sleep, or even become violent at times. This is typically out of character for the person prior to using meth. As use continues, the person will begin to look differently with dull skin and sores or pimples that never seem to heal. They may have dry mouth and broken or rotting teeth over time. The user may appear to age more rapidly than before as well. Long term use also tends to bring about paranoia, seeing and hearing things that are not real. Overall, the meth user is also at a higher risk for HIV/AIDS and other diseases as they may share needles and take part in behaviors that are dangerous.

Alcohol and Meth Combined

Now that you understand what meth is and most people are relatively familiar with the effects of alcohol, let’s discuss what happens when the two are combined. As mentioned, meth alone is highly dangerous, but when combined with alcohol it can quickly become deadly. Many times, people combine meth with alcohol to intensify the effects of meth. This is often after a tolerance to meth has been built up. Some may also use alcohol and meth together to blunt the effects of both.

Since alcohol is a depressant and meth is a stimulant ,they work against each other. The problem is that when combining the two a person may not feel as drunk as they actually are or as high as they actually are due to the combination. Others still, combine the two in a binge-like cycle to offset the negatives of either, which signifies the beginning of a dependence cycle.

Some of the dangers of this pairing are an increase in risky sexual behaviors which can lead to HIVE, AIDS, and hepatitis, as well as an increased in other dangerous behaviors due to compromised decision making abilities. Over time the person may develop cardiovascular disease, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, seizures, and a higher rate of birth defects and suicide. This can happen at any time, but the risk grows with each and every use and combination. Even if a person does manage to survive each use of this type of pairing, more and more physical and mental damage are done. It is best to stop the addiction before it gets out of control or as soon as it is known.

Getting Help

If you or a loved one are using meth, alcohol, or mixing the two, then seek immediate help. It is likely that the body is already damaged, but getting help before it is too late is very important.

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