Rehab Rescue

If your loved has gotten themselves into trouble or into an emergency situation, our global team of Interventionists can assist in bringing someone home.

These situations are frequently embarrassing (to both the addict and the family), and finding the right kind of help can be challenging.

The River has people on staff who are trained in dealing with these types of situations. If you are too embarrassed to speak to anyone else, an Interventionist is the best person to speak to.

We haven't just 'dealt with these situations before', we deal with these situations every day. We also don't just deal with the person in trouble, we also support you in effectively dealing with the problem.

If you or a family member are dealing with an emergency situation, speak to an intervention professional now


Rehab Rescue Details

US$ 1,000

  • per day cost
  • Travel & expenses charged separately
  • Available everywhere in the world