What to do when your loved one doesn’t want to come to treatment

Historically, when people have needed treatment, the rehabs have asked “But do they want to come?” Unfortunately, far too often people in the grips of their addiction aren’t willing to accept help for a great many reasons.

A growing movement of Interventionists are supporting families in communicating with the afflicted person to enable them to come to a decision. Interventionists are specifically trained in the field of confronting addiction and building a dialogue that results in the addict choosing to attend rehab.

So there really is hope!

A progressional Interventionist is trained to deal with the ways in which addicts avoid change and live in denial. If someone is less than willing to discuss their predicament, then asking for the support of an Interventionist is the best choice you can make.

Experience shows that avoidance and denial is frequently overcome. Once an addict arrives at rehab, the immediately begin the journey of recovery. Residential Rehab provides 2 important ingredients

  1. Time. The length of time someone is in treatment substantially increased their chances of a full recovery. The shorter the period of treatment, the less likely they are to remain in recovery over the long-term. The River recommends its full 12-week Signature programme.
  2. Community. Putting someone into a facility with a recovery-based community is vital. When your loved-one attends The River, they will find themselves immersed in an stable and powerful recovery-focused community that inspires newly arriving clients into adopting the Recovery principles.

How Intervention Works

Now for the hard part: the Intervention.

The River has a core of staff who are certified Interventionists. Experience shows that Interventionists are successful with almost every family, so long as the family is willing to adopt an attitude of “tough love”.

The Interventionist is going to ask the family to step into roles that they may be challenging or unfamiliar to them. They are going to be coaching you to understand the kind of love that confrontation expresses. The addict will learn that their addiction will no longer be tolerated, and that this decision is one of love.

Understandably, this can be a difficult position for family members to take. This is precisely why the role of the Internventionist (and the highly successful format of interventions) exist. We will coach and support you through the whole process and ensure everyone gets the result they desire – especially your loved one.

If you or a family member need help with an addiction, an Interventionist is available to speak to you now


Intervention Details

US$ 2,500

  • For a 3-day intervention
  • Additional US$ 1,000 per day thereafter
  • Travel & expenses charged separately
  • Available everywhere in the world