Aftercare is an important part of recovery treatment, and we generally advise that Aftercare be discussed and planned towards the end of your residential treatment -  prior to leaving The River to return home.

Every client will have an Aftercare programme to fit them and their therapeutic requirements, crossed with their geographical ones i.e. if someone is returning to London or Chicago (or any other large city with a Recovery hub) then we can connect them directly to local practitioners. We can also deliver regular (weekly) 30 to 45 minute calls with our Therapists to keep you hooked into The River Rehab programme.

The purpose of Aftercare is to support reintegration into work and family life, and to continue to develop the client's commitment to his newly chosen path of healthy  living

If you or a family member need help with an addiction call us now;
we are confident our evidence based treatment programme can help you, as it has been proven with many others.


Aftercare Details

US$ 5,000 (6 months)
US$ 250 (per session thereafter)

  • NOTE This is included free of charge for those who take the 12-Week Signature Programme)
  • Weekly in-person or video call sessions
  • Connection to alumni and support groups
  • Connection to network of therapists, recovery coaches and practitioners in your neighbourhood (where available)