12-Week Signature Programme

Because addictive behaviours have become an intricate part of how you live and function, and because these behaviours are deeply ingrained, giving yourself enough time to recover is the first and most important decision to make.

The River's 12-Week Signature programme is the trusted programme of choice. The first step to recovery is to be sober and to take the time to fully accept that you have been powerless over the substances and behaviours that control us. Only after you have accomplished this can you start to lay the foundations to permanent recovery

Committing 12 weeks of time to getting sober and building the foundations for a new life is a choice you can fully depend on. Looking back to this time, you will realise that this is one of the most important decisions you made in your life.

Our confidence in our programme is fully reflected in our relapse policy: should a client relapse within one year of completing our 12-week programme, we offer a complementary one month return to treatment.

Choosing the 12-week Signature Programme

If you have doubts about your ability to recover (having doubts is normal), just consider taking the first step. Enrol yourself in The River's Signature 12-week programme and get yourself there.

If you or a family member need help with an addiction or need to learn more about our 12-week Signature programme, take action and call us now


12-Week Signature Programme Details

US$ 36,000

  • 12 weeks of residential stay
  • includes detox and medications
  • all-inclusive residential treatment
  • 12-month relapse policy (please enquire)
  • includes Aftercare (please enquire)
  • Throughcare available (please enquire)