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Once you contact The River Rehab Admission Team, we make available all of the resources, support and knowledge you need to effectively transition your loved one into treatment. Our team of professional interventionists are uniquely trained to deal with the ways in which addicts avoid change and live in denial.

If someone is less than willing to discuss their predicament, then asking for the support of an interventionist is the best choice you can make. The experts at The River can help you deal with the denial and avoidance addicts often exhibit. Once an addict arrives at The River Rehab, we immediately begin the journey to recovery. Among many other attributes, our residential treatment program provides you with the two fundamental ingredients required for recovery, which are “Time and Community”.

  1. Time. Statistics show that the length of time someone is in treatment substantially increases their chances of recovery. Although each person is different, for the best results at The River Rehab we recommend our full 12-week signature program,  we also offer a 4-week program and longer stays if needed for severe cases. Budget and Costs can often be a critical facture that dictates the duration of stay, our team are fully understanding of this and will work with you to find the best possible treatment plan and duration of stay.
  2. Community. Enrolling someone into a facility with a recovery-based community is vital. When your loved-one attends The River Rehab, they will find themselves immersed in a stable and powerful recovery-focused community that facilitates these principles, and gives the support needed to attain long term recovery.

Practical Solutions For Those
Who Are Resistant To Treatment

Historically, when people have needed treatment, the individual is asked: “Do you want to help with your addiction?” Unfortunately, far too often people in the grips of their destructive behaviours are resistant to help, even if it is in their best interest.

At The River, we offer practical solutions to support you as you navigate the obstacles you may be facing when seeking solutions for your loved one suffering from addiction.

We are uniquely positioned and experienced to support families in communicating with the afflicted person to enable them to come to a decision to accept help. Our interventionist specialists are specifically trained in the field of confronting addiction and building a dialogue that results in the addict choosing to attend rehab.

How Intervention Works?

When you make the decision to work with the professionals at The River Rehab we will give you full access to our core of staff who are certified interventionists or therapists. Our qualified interventionists are uniquely positioned to appropriately facilitate treatment options for most people no matter what their addiction is or how it presents. 

Our team will work directly with you to take the next steps required. We will devise a strategic plan to best meet your individual needs and the dynamics of your family while offering coaching services that will enable you to confront your loved one and effectively and move them towards treatment.

Understandably, this can be a difficult position for family members to take. You are not alone, we are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure that everyone gets the result they desire and deserve.  

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In comparison to other treatment centres I’ve been in I found The River Rehab to be very different. Theres no rush or pressure and they worked with me to identify my problems and supported me to find what works for me…

Jack . D

Why River Rehab Is The Right Choice?

We are an experienced and qualified team compassionate professionals who will take care of your needs from the moment you contact us.

Our well appointed facility is located on the secluded and private grounds nestled along the banks of Chiang Mai’s River Ping.

Our caring team, from housekeepers to clinical staff, are understanding and supportive of your needs. Many years of work within the field of addiction treatment allow our staff to deliver a World Class structured treatment plan in a beautiful and calm environment. 

Tick Icon  Qualified And Experienced Staff Who Really Care About Your Well-being.

Tick Icon  Fantastic Location And Facilities.

Tick Icon  Exceptional Food With A Focus On Healthy Eating.

Tick Icon  Easy To Access Aftercare Support.

Tick Icon  Full Support With Travel To Our Facility And Your Return Home.

Tick Icon  Family Counseling And Support For Loved Ones.

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