What is the Solution?

The solution to the problem of addiction is known as recovery.

We at The River believe recovery to be a holistic recovery of mind, body and spirit, creating absolute freedom from addiction and permanent recovery.

However, there are various stages to achieving this. Registering in The River's programmes is just the first step.

Getting someone to choose to attend The River can be a challenge in itself (especially for the family of a loved one dealing with an addict's denial). In these circumstances The River provides professional interventionists that will motivate and inspire your loved one to accept the help you want to give them. Our Interventions have proven to be successful for many years, using our time-tested process of love, honesty and boundaries.

The River's intervention team is committed and capable of collecting you or your loved one from anywhere in the world, ensuring they arrive at The River as scheduled.

We accompany you or your loved one from point of origin through to safe arrival in Chiang Mai, where you will be picked up from Chiang Mai International Airport and chauffeured directly to a physical examination, prior to admittance at The River.

Once you’re at The River, whether you’re staying for 4 weeks or 12 weeks or longer, your recovery treatment and training begins, making life changing experiences available to you. You are going to love the time you spend with us.

After graduation we can repatriate you or your loved one, giving you peace of mind. We offer Aftercare and Throughcare programmes, both designed to increase your chances of permanent recovery.

If you or a family member need help with addiction, call us now.
We are confident our evidence based treatment programme can help you, as has been proven with many others.

12-Week Signature

The River's trusted programme of choice. Give yourself the time you need to recover, build new foundations for your life.
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4 Weeks

Get sober and explore your options. The River's 4 Weeks programme gives you the foundations you need to start over.
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Get the support you need. If someone you know is using or drinking excessively, speaking to an interventionist is your first port of call.
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