What is Recovery

The River, located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, works with addicted persons to successfully overcome addiction. An addict who has successfully broken away from addictive behaviours is said to be 'in recovery'.

At The River, we consider ourselves blessed to live and witness the beauty of recovery. A client in recovery will frequently share about their recovery being a miracle, simply because they never believed it to be possible.

For those undergoing addiction treatment at The River, recovery is a reality. Our confidence in our program is fully reflected in our relapse policy: should a client relapse within one year of completing our 12-week Signature programme, we offer a complementary one month return to treatment.

The River expertly treats all aspects of an individual’s addictive disease, guaranteeing a personalised recovery treatment. We want to ensure that you or your loved one have the very best chance of a full and lasting recovery from addiction.

Recovery is truly a miracle, we encourage you to seize this opportunity and register in The River's 12-week Signature programme

Maintainable Recovery from Addiction

The term “recovery” means to get well, heal, recuperate, rebound. The River's programmes provide comprehensive treatment, developing its clients' physical strength, emotional stability and spiritual resilience.

Addiction cannot be cured or completely eradicated, but recovery from addiction is possible and can be indefinitely sustained without relapse.

Although we won't shed our addictive illness altogether, we can recover permanently by applying the proven tools and guidelines taught at The River. Much like using an inhaler to overcome asthma, we can show you the way to stop and stay stopped - to recover – permanently.

Recovery Focused Treatment

Our evidence-based addiction treatments are developed from the latest in recovery research.

Many of our addiction therapists are themselves in recovery and are living proof that recovery is possible.

All of our energy and passion is focused on achieving and living in recovery.

Choose the miracle of recovery for yourself, speak to our Admissions team about attending The River now

How long does Rehab take?

Each person responds to rehab treatment differently. Some patients that we treat are sicker than others and require longer to recover from addiction. The absolute minimum we suggest is 4 weeks. This enables the fog of addiction to clear and for therapy to be effective.

The River recommends that you attend the full 12-week Signature programme. This increases your chances of permanent recovery significantly, which is really what we are helping you to achieve.

The longer someone stays with us the more they benefit from our treatment programme.

There is no quick route to successful recovery from addiction, it simply takes time. With this in mind we suggest that you stay with us for as long as possible. Each and every day spent within our recovery-focused environment is an investment towards your long-term health and personal growth.

What is the Solution?

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