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We are a team of trained and dedicated professionals who are qualified to diagnose and treat addiction. Addiction is often complex and involves psychological aspects that are best treated by people specialized and experienced in this field.

People who suffer from addiction frequently believe that they are in control. For example, they may not be able to see the negative impact their behavior is having on their lives and in the lives of those around them, although it is obvious to others. 

Addiction is potentially life-threatening and it is classified as a disease of the brain. Many individuals die from addiction as a result of not seeking treatment. Addiction has habitual and ritualistic elements. People dealing with addiction generally agree that it can not be cured; however, an addict’s choices and habits can be changed, enabling that person to live a fully functional life free from the tyranny of addiction. 

Breaking an addiction frequently requires a ‘detox’ followed by residential treatment. Residential treatment generally includes evidence-based therapy which is accessed individually and in a group setting. Addiction cannot be cured but it can be arrested and successfully treated and from there recovery can be maintained.

Am I An Addict?

Addiction can affect anyone of any gender, age, profession, upbringing, social class, sexuality, nationality, religion or race.

Below is an overview of what addiction is. If you recognize one or more of these symptoms in yourself or a family member, please reach out to us as we are here to help

Everyone who suffers from addiction will be affected in different ways. However, there are 3 basic symptoms of addiction that are common in all:

If you can identify with a “yes” to these 3 core characteristics of addiction, it is likely you are an alcoholic or an addict, or that you have an addictive illness. This being the case, you are suffering from a powerful disease of the brain that is beyond your own mental control.

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The Addicted Brain

Research has shown that an addict’s brain is wired differently. Over time, with repeated exposure to a mood and mind-altering substance or activity, the brain’s neural pathways rewire to compulsively seek and feed the addiction. This removes the power of choice from the equation.

Addiction is a progressive illness and often ever gets worse with time. As the addiction progresses, the negative consequences may become unmanageable. 

At The River, we offer long-term solutions for addicted behavior. Evidenced-based treatments are delivered within the safe and secure in-patient setting at our facility in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand.   We are here to provide you with a firm foundation for sustained recovery from addiction.

Loss Of Control

When you start, you can’t stop. Do you ever start with the intention of just having just one or two, regardless of whether it is alcoholic beverages, lines, hits, pills, pipes, bets or games, but find once you start, you regularly lose control of your consumption and your behavior?

Compulsive Preoccupation

Do you obsessively think about alcohol, drugs, sex or gambling? Is the thinking so overwhelming that you find yourself giving in just to get relief? Do you find yourself unable to stop yourself from doing what you don’t want to be doing in the first place?

Continued Use Despite Negative Consequences

Have you ever lost a job, relationship or driving license? Have you ever been arrested, felt deep shame and regret or lost substantial sums of money as a result of alcohol, a substance you are using or because of your behavior? Did you continue despite suffering these negative consequences?

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In comparison to other treatment centres I’ve been in I found The River Rehab to be very different. Theres no rush or pressure and they worked with me to identify my problems and supported me to find what works for me…

Jack . D

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We are experienced and qualified in delivering quality treatment, our confident team of professionals will take care of your needs from the moment you contact us.

Our facility is located in beautiful enclosed and private grounds set on the banks of Chiang Mai’s River Ping.

All our staff, from housekeepers to clinical staff, are understanding and supportive of our clients needs. Many years of work within the field of addiction treatment allow our staff to deliver a World Class structured treatment plan in a beautiful and calm environment. 

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