About us

The River is the space of an idea, the idea of Creative Recovery.

At a fundamental level it exists as a set of founding inspirations, while on a day-to-day level it lives as the commitment of the people doing the work of elevating people’s lives.

Though we aspire to be the best, we prefer to measure ourselves by the reality of what we are able to provide on any given day. Creative Recovery requires us to stand for an openness and resolute honesty, one that has us strive to embrace being human and experiencing suffering as an integral part of our lives.

In rising to this idea we value our people’s efforts first, and our ideas second. Creative Recovery is a daily reality rather than an eloquently penned idea. In the end ideas develop and truth moves on.

Truth always moves on.

If you or a family member need help with an addiction-related illness, please reach out to us. We are available to support you in any way we can

Our Vision

Being the space for passionate professionals to work with people from all walks of life. Discovering purpose and building new lives.
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Our People

Our leadership team brings together professionals from a broad range of backgrounds. Learn more about the people behind our programmes.
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