The River

The River is a place where people from all walks of life gather. It is both the end of the road and the beginning of a new road. A river is the source of life, it provides both sustenance and a grounding energy.

For all who find their way here, for those who seek a better way to live and for those who need to gather their strength, The River provides nurture and sustenance. Whereas addiction recovery is our focus, helping people build great lives is what inspires us.

Our property is organic by design, offering guests a clean elegance, one that is grounded in nature. Our kitchen offers a wide menu of healthy meal options prepared with the very best of local organic produce. All of our energies are focused on your health, both your emotional and your physical health.

With your environmental needs taken care of, The River engages you in the possibility of a new life, a life of sobriety. The time you spend here will be filled with camaraderie, with new friendship and above all, with a sense of discovery and of purpose. No matter what the situation or circumstances you find yourself in, we will clear the path to your recovery.

We welcome all who seek.

The Core Program

The people who will work with you come from a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds and training, giving ground to both holistic and evidence-based practices in your treatment programme. There is proven science in our methods, and there is also the greater opportunity, the opportunity for discovery. We have decided to call this the way of Creative Recovery. Though this is an apt description, it is also a challenging one, a challenge to the person who seeks to discover a different way, a way that is more satisfying and rewarding.

The way of Creative Recovery puts your life back in your hands. The River nurtures you and gives you sustenance, but ultimately you must choose your own way. Confronting what’s really possible is daunting, we know and understand this. What we can promise is that we will be with you every step of the way, helping you to understand more of what it means to be human and exploring new ways in which you can embrace suffering and live life fully.


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The River's 12-week Signature programme is the most reliable choice for treatment, your confidence in this programme is assured through our relapse policy: In the event that you relapse into addictive behaviours, we will invite you back for 4 weeks free of charge.

12-Week Signature

The River's trusted programme of choice. Give yourself the time you need to recover, build new foundations for your life.
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4 Weeks

Get sober and explore your options. The River's 4 week programme gives you the foundations you need to start over.
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Get the support you need. If someone you know is using or drinking excessively, speaking to an interventionist is your first port of call.
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